Marketing Proposal:

Launch Campaign


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Executive Summary

E=mc² is in a position to bring an innovative foundation-phase schooling system to Port Elizabeth with the potential to expand throughout South Africa. Zion Collective is able to  assist E=mc² with marketing services  needed to successfully launch in Port Elizabeth as well as to potentially scale at a later stage. The scope of this proposal will be to outline a strategic approach to the launch of E=mc² in Port Elizabeth.



The following are the objectives of this project :


To reach parents in E=mc²’s target market


Parents will be reached through targeted digital advertising and word of mouth.

To assist  parents in making contact with E=mc²‘s contact person


Contact options will be given in the form of a website contact form, phone call button, WhatsApp link, signup form and/or email address.




The following is a breakdown of the scope of this project:

Look and Feel (Branding)

E=mc² already has a vector-based logo. The look and feel section of this project will revolve around developing colours, textures and slight adjustments to the logo to form a cohesive brand identity that reflects the innovative and natural elements of the brand.
This section will be split up into the following stages: 

Stage 1 (Analysis and Research)

- Analyse existing logo and colours
- Outline the purpose of adjustments
  e.g. Modernising/Clarifying/Which Market is    being targeted/Aligning with business goals    and strategy
- Market Research/Industry Analysis (Current    style references: Hei Schools, New Nordic          School)
- Client Look and Feel Brief

Stage 2 (Designs)

- Basic colour schemes and brand colour                palette
- Alterations and fine-tuning (Based on stage 1)
- Mockups (See the final logo and colours               in action on signage/branding examples)

Stage 3  (Final Logo Designs)

- Folder of Different Sizes
- Folder of Different Formats (JPEG, PNG, AI,      PDF)
- Colour and B&W Files

Stage 4 (Assets)

- Business Card Design 
- Letter Head 
- Email Signature
- 2x Reverts per item

Stage 5 (Brand Identity Guide)

- Design Elements
- Colour Schemes
- Fonts
- Design Guidelines on how to use branding       to ensure consistency

Digital Marketing

The following platforms will be used to market E=mc² online:


The website will form the basis of our digital marketing campaign. The website will be designed within the look and feel of the brand, will be easy to use and will help parents find more information on the school and encourage them to make contact with the school’s contact person (principal). 




Facebook Ads will be used to target parents of 6 month-6 year olds in Port Elizabeth. The suburbs of Mount Pleasant, Lovemore Heights and Seaview will be targeted most intensely, with broader reach adverts spread throughout Port Elizabeth. Facebook is very effective in reaching parents due to the demographic being well-represented on Facebook. Facebook Ads can also feed through to Instagram without setting up and maintaining a separate instagram Account.

Deliverables: Facebook Page Setup (Includes creative collateral), 8x Posts, 4x Ads 


Google Display Ads


Google Display Ads will be used to reach parents whose activity on the internet shows them to be interested in innovative education and parenting techniques. Internet activity is tracked (mostly through cookies) and allows Google to target parents based on the sites they’ve visited in the last 30 days.


Deliverables: 1x Campaign 3x Ad Groups, 3x Ads per Ad Group (Includes copywriting)

Google Search Ads


Google Search Ads will be used to target parents who are actively searching for pre-school options. For example: 
Google Search: “Preschools In Mount Pleasant”
Result: E=mc² offers a fresh, innovative take on pre-school education. Learn more today! (Links to your website)

Deliverables: 1x Campaign 3x Ad Groups, 3x Ads per Ad Group (Includes graphic design)

Additional Marketing Material


A downloadable brochure will be available on the website. Parents can download this brochure to send to their friends and family. The brochure will also include a sign up section to attend a session with the principal. 

A signboard will be designed to advertise the school to parents passing by the site of the school. 




Closing Message

Thank you for considering our proposal, we look forward to meeting with you to answer any questions you may have.

Feel free to get in touch via call, email or WhatsApp message buttons below.

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