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4 Ways How Influencers Can Beat The Algorithm

We all have one, a favourite influencer that we follow on social media, perhaps they’re inspirational, give the best make-up hacks or maybe they’re just hands-down hilarious. They have thousands of followers and because of this, they usually get paid to create content or sponsor products from various brands.

An average user can post the most engaging pictures and videos, however, at the end of the day, only receive a few hundred likes and comments, this is hardly enough to be named “influencer”. So, how do they do this? By using Algorithms to their advantage.

Many influencers use “sponsored” posts (paid content and ads) to boost their following and engagement or even buy fake likes and followers online. While this may have worked in the past, businesses are catching on to these influencers and avoiding them. Fun-fact: on average, 20% of mid-level influencers have been found to have engaged in influencer fraud to build their following. Here are some tips to keep your growth organic:


It’s one way of putting yourself on the social media map and easily outsmarting the new Instagram Algorithm to increase your engagement. Unknown to many users, Instagrams Stories are completely separate from one's Instagram feed.

This is a huge advantage to anyone who wants their posts to be seen, as Instagram Stories are not forced out of the spotlight when somebody uploads an image or video.

Instead of posting random content, influencers create an interesting story for their followers that intrigue them and make them want to know more about what’s going on in their daily lives.

There are various new options that one can use to make content even more interesting, such as GIFS and by using a feature that's new to the game, they can now add music directly to their uploads, by doing this regularly, they build engagement and create an emotional bond with their followers.

Keep in mind though, stories are still in competition with other stories, despite being different from the normal Instagram feed. The more engagement one receives, the more likely Instagram will give you a top position in the more visible part of Instagram Story section.


I’m sure you’ve noticed that a frequent amount of influencers, whether they’re bloggers, vloggers or simply IG famous, almost always ask a question to their followers, and there’s a reason for that.

Besides wanting to know your thoughts and opinions, this is one important way of beating the algorithm. By asking questions, the influencer is seen by a high percentage of their followers and potentially increase their engagement. If achieved, Instagram rewards their accounts that regularly gain high levels of engagement when they upload.

Bold and exciting pictures and videos are important however they aren’t the only factor that results in large amounts of engagement. Influencers know this, so the best way to go about posting is to create a conversation with their followers through their captions.

So gather your best image and include a question in your caption that initiates interest for your followers. Make sure to respond to the answers and keep the conversation going, for Instagram to reward your account by having your posts shown to more people.


Let’s get real, everybody loves a good video, be it clumsy animals, recipes or trailers. It’s become incredibly popular, so it’s perfectly understandable as to why influencers are incorporating live videos into their daily content

Instagram is aware of this and the algorithm has become more favourable towards it. According to recent statistics, it was revealed that 80% of users prefer watching a live video from a brand instead of reading a blog.

Influencers are mastering the art of bypassing the algorithm by making engaging live videos. All their followers have to do is watch it. If Instagram notices that your broadcast is gaining interest, it could potentially add the video to the Explore tab, and widen the audience of the influencer and result in more feedback, comments, and engagement.


Everybody enjoys a freebie now and then, especially if it’s something worthwhile. Influencers are using this technique to bump up their following and of course, increase more meaningful engagement.

However, the only way to reach this is if the prize is something that their followers are drawn to. Even if it’s small, make it something interesting.

If working with a particular brand, the influencer should attempt to provide a prize that suits their target market in pursuit of increasing their ranking of social media.

If you’re trying to break into the world that is social media, make sure to apply these tips to break away from the algorithm and use it to your advantage. Get out your phone, create awesome content and start engaging!

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