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Social Media Detox

Most days, when I wake up somewhat rested, without any hesitation the first thing I reach for is my phone. Scrolling through the feed of my favourite apps in the morning has become more important than my breakfast, which is actually incredibly frightening. This is why I realised that I needed a change, starting with getting my nose out of a screen.

Day 1- 6th August 2019

This morning was incredibly unusual for me. Instead of laying in bed for a good 15 minutes and checking out Facebook and Instagram, I used that time to make some coffee and catch up on current events, not online, oh no, but by an actual newspaper (yes they are real). Fast forward 40 minutes later and I was finally heading out the door to bring home the bacon.

The idea of having a social media detox was going surprisingly well until I actually got to work and the thought “what the hell was I thinking” ran through my head. Going cold turkey is hard enough but how am I going to manage my clients’ social media pages without actually logging on to my social media🤦. But being the problem solver that I am (just kidding, haha) I consulted my colleagues, who helped me come up with a solution.

Staying off my personal social media wasn’t that hard during work hours but when the day was over and I was on my way home, you can very well bet that I was itching to see what was happening online. I can proudly say I won that battle, opting for a few episodes of Netflix and a couple of chapters of a novel that I just started.

I’ll admit, during that time, I sneakily glanced at my phone through the corner of my eye, “my precious”, but tomorrow I'm fairly certain that’ll it gets easier.

Day 2- 7th August 2019

Hi I’m Lisa and I'm a social media addict 😂 Okay, I'll be honest, the withdrawals are REAL. What am I supposed to do with my hands when I'm having my coffee or eating a donut? Urgh, this is awfully uncomfortable and definitely not what I'm used to but let’s just push through it because I'm a strong independent woman.

5 Hours later…(It felt like way more) I was at Something Good with my colleagues, because what goes better with anxiety than pizza right? I’ll admit, it did feel a little strange not posting my whereabouts or a picture of my meal to Instagram but it felt good being able to enjoy my lunch immediately and catch up with my work family without being distracted.

All in all, it was a pretty balanced day that consisted of a “dash of grouchiness(I'm not a morning person), a sprinkle of productivity and a whole lot of being a social human.

Plans for the evening? Some well deserved and needed girl time with some hot chocolate, popcorn and you guessed it, Netflix.

Anyway, this is me signing off, check-in tomorrow!

Day 3 - 8th August

Today’s has been fairly average, I don’t find myself randomly picking up my phone and then thinking “ stop what you’re doing girl, social media detox remember? ” Patricia almost emerged but I put her back in her box.🙈

But the real challenge of the evening? Attending an event with my girls and NOT POSTING AT ALL😩. That means, drumroll please… no uploading of posts of any kind. But, silver lining, it’s officially the long weekend!

Getting ready to go out without browsing social media was a breeze but that didn’t stop me from being late (makeup takes time ya’ll). Finally, we arrived and I ended up having such a great time.

Ordering a drink and catching up with close friends was exactly what the doctor ordered, that and a waffle with chocolate sauce and salted caramel ice-cream.😅

The evening turned out to be a success, by getting off the grid, I had the opportunity to really take things in, from the live music, art, hair styling, tattooing and connect with people on an actual real-life level. All in all, it was definitely a 10/10!🔥

Day 4- 9th August

Happy Women's Day to all my fellow sisters!

This morning I woke up at my best friends place after our night out, and I was surprised to find that I was all alone, usually, this would have been the moment where I would whip out my phone and go online. Instead, I decided to spoil myself, and by “spoil myself” I mean I went back to bed because there’s just nothing like a lazy day every once in a while.

When my friend eventually returned, I spent the rest of the day with her and her family. We braaied and played card games, Jenga and dominoes which I’ve only played once in my life but it didn’t stop me from having fun.

I suppose not being on social media during this time gave me the concentration I needed to crush my enemies...I mean defeat them… I mean partake in a friendly game and congratulate my opponents.

It was a good day!

Day 5- 10th August

Today was one of those days where you say you’re going to do something but end up just laying there for a few hours contemplating your life choices. What was supposed to be a kickboxing lesson turned into watching series with Kaylin and helping her mother get ready for an event which included a mini photo shoot afterward.

All this was done with my phone out of sight, and you know what they say, out of sight, out of mind.

This worked up quite an appetite, so we put on our best ensembles (not really) and went on a little shopping adventure and rewarded ourselves with some mcdeez (don’t judge, all that walking and looking at things we can’t afford can really take a lot out of a girl)

We even met the most interesting girl while ordering our meal and I probably wouldn’t have taken any notice of her bomb makeup if I was looking at my phone. She told us that she was a student from out of town that was meeting up with friends, explained that her phone was dead and she didn’t know her way around PE.

Now us girls have to stick together, so we had to drop her off at her accommodation in Summerstrand. 2 hours later, we attended a pot at our friend's place, keep in mind, I didn’t post anything on IG or Facebook even though someone was calling me “The better queen” all night (It felt good being appreciated)

This detox ain’t so bad!

Day 6- 11 August

Aah Sunday, the day that it’s perfectly acceptable to fall asleep immediately after eating lunch, especially if you’ve made it.

In my household, Sundays are family time so not grabbing my phone and scrolling through my feed is normal and easygoing. Instead, I spent that time cooking and bonding with loved ones.

Today we had lunch at my sister and her wife's apartment and it was definitely entertaining as it consisted of 4 women laughing at the silliest things and telling their latest news (my poor dad.)

Ending off the day, we watched “The Hustle” and shared many laughs and occasional power naps.

What a weekend!

Day 7 - 12th August

So it’s back to reality and I’m back at work, somebody get me a coffee🤦🏻.

Good news though, it’s the final day of my social media detox and you can best believe that I'm proud about the fact that I didn’t cave, despite the peer pressure, I stuck with it.

Today has been super productive and I’m sure you can guess why, and no it has nothing to do with the amount of coffee I had… okay maybe a little haha.

Anyway, moving on, the day is almost over and I'm currently curled up in my bed, ready for some serious binging of The 100 because I deserve it, I got through a Monday and detox after all.

Thank you so much for reading about my journey, to find out my final thoughts, keep an eye out for the follow up video!

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