ZION COLLECTIVE would like to propose a collaboration with PUMA in the form of a creative content run. 

We would like to develop creative content in the form of photos, videos and animation that will showcase PUMA as the Young South African Creative's "drip" of choice. 

The proposed collaboration will style PUMA clothing and/or footwear with authentically South African street style to

1) Provide PUMA with high quality, engaging image and video

2) Expand PUMA's reach and deepen brand loyalty through micro-influencer marketing on Instagram.

​3) Build PUMA's social capital with young and emerging creatives.



The following objectives will be achieved over the course of this collaboration. (Hover over the boxes below for more)


Objective 1

The content we propose to develop will belong to PUMA for unrestricted use on any and all social, print or digital media platforms at any time. 

Objective 2

All members of the ZION COLLECTIVE Creative team will share approved content according to approved schedules on their Instagram accounts. 

Objective 3

PUMA will be portrayed as the Creative's choice of streetwear, by creatives involved in the content run, to the like-minded creatives who follow and support them on social platforms and in social and professional circles.


Scope and Deliverables

The proposed collaboration is divided into two sections, namely content creation and micro influencing.

Content Creation

ZION COLLECTIVE proposes to conceptualise and deliver the following content to PUMA.

45x Hi-Res, Edited Photos

4x Photo Manipulations

4x Photo Animations

1x 1min Highlight Reel

1x 30s Behind The Scenes Video

Micro Influencing

ZION COLLECTIVE proposes to develop a schedule in which each member of the creative team involved in the collaboration posts selected content from the shoot, three times. The following is a rough follower count of each of the creative team members involved in the collaboration:

Zion Collective:               1 010

Creative Director:            2 137

Stylist:                             3 347

Photographer:                 8 666

Videographer:                 1 806

Animator:                           498

Model 1 (Female):           2 424

Model 2 (Male):               2 244

Total:                              22 924 

Average Engagement Rate: 11.97%      



Planning & Concept 

Planning, Admin, Logistics                             2 000

Concept Development & Creative Direction   3000


Section Total: 5000 


Photography                                                   3 000

Lightroom Editing                                           1 000

Photo Manipulation                                         2 000

Photo Animation                                             3 000

Video                                                              6 000


Section Total: 15000

Micro Influencing

Posts (3x across 9x accounts)                      10 000

Stories (2x across 9x accounts)                      5 000


Section Total: 15000


Non-media Personnel    

Stylist, 2x Models, Makeup                             5 000


Section Total: 5000

Grand Total:                                     40 000


Thank you for considering our proposal, we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have and/or discuss how we can incorporate our ideas into existing campaigns and strategies if need be.

Feel free to get in touch via call, email or WhatsApp message buttons below.

Closing message

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