COVID-19 has brought with it the biggest shocks to global education systems since the Second World War (Department of Basic Education, 2020). COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of extra-mural activities at schools, even shutting down academic activities entirely for indefinite periods. Children have been left with gaps of “dead time” in their day, which would otherwise be filled with social, creative and cultural development (Cluver et al., 2020)


According to a recent study by Spaull (2020) at most, only 5–10% of learners can continue learning at home given their access to resources.


Fox & Schirrmacher (2015) suggest that time, space and resources are vital in the creative development of children. The pandemic has afforded children plenty of time and space, although the vast majority of South African children are disadvantaged when it comes to resources to help them learn, play and create at home.


We propose to address this disadvantage by facilitating and incentivising creativity among children by providing UMZOBO WAM boxes and running an art competition using the materials in the box.



The following objectives will be addressed throughout the project:

To reduce the unproductive “dead time” that children have in the afternoons.

To afford children the resources to explore their creativity.

To allow a brand to build brand love among children well as their parents by sponsoring UMZOBO WAM Social Investment Project.



Phase 1: Development

Phase one will consist of the development of the UMZOBO WAM box, pictured below. The creative look and feel of project collateral, design and contents of the box. The box is planned to include drawing materials, painting materials, writing materials along with flashcards-style prints of a variety of styles of South African Art for inspiration.

Phase 2: Distribution

Phase two will consist of distributing the UMZOBO WAM boxes to local schools in grades 5-7. The materials will be explained, as well as giving some guidance as to how the competition will work. 

Phase 3: Competition

Phase three will consist of collecting artworks produced by the children. There will be no limits on theme or subject, allowing the children to be as creative and have as much autonomy over their expression as possible. Te competition prize is proposed to be a combination of the sponsor's products, artistic resources and/or creativity-related education.

The whole process will be documented in a short video, showing the impact that the sponsor's brand has had on the children. The sponsor will hold the rights to the project video for use in CSI reporting.


Once the winners are chosen, a PR campaign will commence, sharing the story of the project with stakeholders and the public at large.


Thank you for considering our proposal, we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have and/or discuss how we can incorporate our ideas into existing campaigns and strategies if need be.

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